Beit Immanuel Guest House
A place like no other
Located in a spacious and picturesque, mid-18th Century structure that once served as the glittering Baron’s Palace—home to actor Peter Ustinov’s Grandfather—Beit Immanuel was first occupied by CMJ pioneers dedicated to the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and the restoration and proclamation of the Messianic Jewish hope in Yeshua.
Visitors staying at Beit Immanuel can spend quiet time with God and worship and pray every morning with people from around the world in the prayer room. They can also tour the onsite Heritage Center that describes the facility’s colorful history and Christian contributions to Israel and its people.

It is known today as “the place where they teach about Jesus.” Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine on you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift us His countenance on you, and give you peace.” “The alien has not lodged outside, for I have opened my doors to the traveller.”
  - Hebrews 13:2 - Numbers 6:24-26 - Job 31:32
For reservations please call, fax, e-mail or write to us:
Phone (972) 3-682-1459 -  Fax (972) 3-682-9817
Rates for Group Bookings are available on request.

2016 Rates B&B
Per Room Per Night Bed and Breakfast
Private Room with Facilities Rates per night
1 Person 285 NIS
2 People 410 NIS
3 People 520 NIS
4 People 620 NIS
1 Child (2-12 years) 100 NIS
Baby (up to 2 years) 30 NIS
Rooms number 7 and 8* Rates per night
Available only for groups of 4 or more persons 140 NIS per person
Room number 1* Rates per night
1 Person 225 NIS per person
Room numbers 5 and 6* Rates per night
1 Person 225 NIS
2 Persons 350 NIS
3 Persons 445 NIS
* Rooms without facilities  
Our Values
We are a Christian organization. We are part of the Anglican Church and in our case we are evangelical and traditional in our values. Probably the biggest percentage of our guests are Christians who hold to the same values. We are associated with Christ Church located in the Old City of Jerusalem and as well as being a guest house, our staff and volunteers represent a community where prayer, devotions and worship make up a regular pattern of our daily life.
We hope this background is helpful as you consider booking with us.


Beit Immanuel Guest House Facilities

The Guest House is five minutes from beautiful Mediterranean beaches, Old Jaffa with its ancient port, parks, art galleries, a flea market and Simon the Tanner's House.

Tel Aviv is also a popular holiday resort. It has several miles of sandy beaches, varied water sports, the Diaspora and Eretz Israel museums, plus attractive shopping centers and a wonderful choice of international restaurants.

Located in the center of the country, Tel Aviv makes the perfect starting point for touring the whole country.

The Guest House has a secluded garden enabling guests to sit quietly in the shade of an attractive banyan tree. Breakfast is served every day in the garden between May and October.

There is a sun terrace with tables, chairs and sun umbrellas. Guests may also relax in the blue lounge in the air conditioned building. There is a large entrance patio with tables and chairs. Luggage may be stored on day of arrival (if necessary) and day of departure, and there is a large free car park which is locked at night.

Beit Immanuel offers conference facilities and a quiet room for private devotions. We also provide use of internet, international telephone and coin-operated laundry serviced for our guests.

Guests are welcome to join with the Messianic Worship Service in Hebrew on Friday evenings with translation into English.

Please view our gallery of Guest House photos here

Beit Immanuel Congregation

The Beit Immanuel Congregation is one of the earliest Messianic congregations in modern Israel. This active community holds weekly Erev Shabbat worship services and home groups through the week. Its goal is to disciple men and women within the context of a local congregation, who will in turn impart to others the values and disciplines of a faithful Messianic lifestyle.

Most members of our congregation are Israeli citizens, though we also have a number of volunteers and guests who have joined us. A number of our young men and women are serving in the Israeli army, and we are also blessed with many young people from the former Soviet Union. The majority of our members are young couples between the ages of 20 and 30 with small children, so we have a strong emphasis on family ministry. We meet every Friday night at 18:30 for an Erev Shabbat worship meeting and at the same time run a Shabbat School for the kids. We also meet together at different locations throughout the city in home-groups during the week as well as mid-week youth meetings.

Our staff and home group leaders make up the leadership team of our congregation, and we meet weekly for prayer, strategy, and fellowship. We put an emphasis on strong, secure relationships among the leadership and strive to be examples of unity, grace, and love to the whole flock. We try to model accountability, vulnerability, and gentleness in all of our relationships at home and in our fellowship.

Our goal is to disciple faithful men and women, within the context of the local congregation, who will in turn impart to others the values and disciplines of a faithful Messianic lifestyle. Our Biblical studies and training programs are designed to develop servant-leaders for ministry here in Israel and to other nations. We also benefit from the many elders and leaders here in the Land who come to share of their unique experiences of growing up in the Lord here in Israel, as well as the many men and women of God who visit us each year from the nations.

The Lord has blessed us with a young and exciting worship team. We are writing many new Hebrew worship songs and are often asked to minister in different conferences around the country and abroad.


Beit Immanuel History

At Beit Immanuel you can visit our heritage center known as the Baron’s Palace Heritage Center, after Baron von Ustinov (grandfather of Peter Ustinov).

The heritage center is located in one of the former rooms of the Hotel du Parc and is in the form of a former Palace room resplendent with chandeliers etc. It is dedicated to the history of this most famous building, as well as the former American and German colonies where it is located, and forms part of a bigger story – the gentile Contribution to the development of Jaffa and the area.

Beit Immanuel was one of the first buildings outside the walls of ancient Jaffa, and throughout its colourful history has hosted such people as Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife Augusta Victoria and many other notable guests when it was the main hotel in Jaffa. Baron Ustinov had the first botanical garden and zoo in the land, boasting monkeys and colourful parrots.

In the 20th century it was used by CMJ as a school, commandeered by the British Army, and then the Israeli army, and then in the 1970’s was the focal point of the emerging Israeli Messianic movement.

Included in the presentation at Beit Immanuel is the opportunity, for groups, to view some unique old glass slides with a glass slide projector, and to sit in the soon to be restored Baron’s Garden Coffee Shop.


Beit Immanuel Guest House Volunteer

We welcome you to consider serving the Lord here in Beit Immanuel as a volunteer.

The volunteer program is a support role to the total ministry of Beit Immanuel. Volunteers come from different countries to be a support to the entire ministry while experiencing life in Israel. This means it is a place to serve, to learn and to grow in our relationship with God and with one another.

Volunteers are here for the chief purpose of offering a ministry of hospitality to overnight guests in our Guest House as well as to the congregations and groups that meet at Beit Immanuel. Men and women are involved in all duties, i.e. praying, cleaning, laundry, cooking, maintenance, painting, gardening, serving meals, dishwashing and attending the reception desk.

Being a volunteer is a learning experience that requires a servant heart! It is not an overseas holiday!

Six months to a year is an ideal time to stay but we sometimes consider helpers for shorter and longer periods of service.

All volunteers at Beit Immanuel are required to arrange their own medical insurance before they arrive. You may be able to arrange medical insurance at student rates through a travel agent or insurance broker in your own country. Personal valuables may also be insured.

When possible we try to accommodate our volunteers in a room of their own, however this is not always possible when there are many volunteers at one time in which case the rooms must then be shared.

We are a family in Yeshua and want to express his love to our guests and to the many visitors to Beit Immanuel. As a volunteer living in community you will be challenged to love and serve in many different capacities.

Be prepared for cultural and denominational differences! You will be challenged to be gracious and understanding in the face of different attitudes, cultures and people!