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Welcome to the CMJ Heritage Centers. We aim to present the long and rich legacy of ministry among the Jewish people unparalleled in Israel, the Middle East, North Africa, and much of Europe. The history and associations of this Society are preserved through the Heritage Centers based at CMJ ministry centers in Israel. The Heritage Centers preserve the important and invaluable influence and contribution that British and European Protestant Christianity has had on the Middle East and in particular to the Jewish people in the Land.
Prime Ministers, statesmen and ambassadors are among the principal players in this remarkable tale of international intrigue and personal sacrifice spanning two hundred years of turbulent history. The drama includes the daring construction of Christ Church, set prominently in the old city of Jerusalem, the appointment of the first Jewish Bishop in almost two thousand years and the founding of the Church’s Ministry among the Jews.
- John Nicolayson
“If the Jew's Society had concerned itself only with conversion we could ignore it. It was that vital linked factor, the restoration of Israel, that gives the Society's work historical importance.”
- Barbara Tuchman, Jewish Historian 1956
Sir William Dobbie
Sir William Dobbie was a British officer who had the distinction of signing the telegram that ended World War I, of commanding the restoration of order in British Palestine after the 1929 riots and of seeing Malta through a brutal siege during the World War II.
The exhibit includes copies of personal papers, such as the World War I cease-fire telegram and the notes of how he influenced the handling of the riots as well a Bible given to him as a gift of thanks.
The exhibit will be on view in the Heritage Center until November 2015.  We have built this virtual exhibit for those who cannot travel to Jerusalem.
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Gen. William Dobbie saluting
From Exile to Restoration
Napoleon's invasion of the Eastern Mediterranean in 1798 provoked a battle between the European empires for control of that strategic region, placed as it was between Europe and the wealth of the East, especially India. From the 1800's the eyes of the West began to cast their glances towards the East beyond Europe.
For the Jewish people, dwelling in Diaspora since the days of Hadrian and the Bar Kochva revolt, this battle also resurrected Jewish hopes of a return to their ancient homeland, a hope strongly supported by countless Bible-believing Christians, especially in Britain. 
During the course of the following one hundred and fifty years this battle between the empires also witnessed the active involvement of CMJ, a London based Mission Society in the Land of Israel. The Faith of the founders including Lord Shaftesbury, William Wilberforce, Charles Simeon, Lewis Way and Joseph Frey propelled them to work tenaciously to establish first a British Consulate and then a Protestant Bishopric in Jerusalem. Changing forever the status quo of the Holy City and introducing Protestant Christianity to the Middle East. The introduction of modern buildings to Jerusalem by CMJ, hospitals and schools provoked the other communities of the city to follow suit and improve facilities for their own constituencies.
All the while the Society's aim was threefold:

  1. Restore the Gospel of Jesus as Messiah to the Jews
  2. Restore the Jewish Roots of the Faith to the Church
  3. Restore the Jewish people to the Land of Israel
"The real force behind the movement for the restoration of the Jews to Palestine was the 'religious party' ... a body of devout and high-minded English Christians who, looking at the ferment in the East believed that the time was at hand for the fulfillment of prophecy by the return of the Chosen People."
- Leonard Stein, Jewish Historian 1961
CMJ operates four Heritage Centers throughout Israel.
Two Heritage Centers are situated in Jerusalem. One based at Christ Church. The Church, inside the Old City walls, make it for many one of the most beautiful and treasured buildings in Jerusalem. The Hebrew inscriptions within the Church – the Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer and Apostles Creed – have been a constant indication to visitors, particularly the many Jewish visitors, of our historic involvement in their life and struggle.
The Anglican School in Jerusalem hosts another museum. The property on Prophets Street has played a crucial role in the development of modern medical missions in the Middle East. The Heritage Center sitting within the renovated reception of the school contains models, displays and bric-a-brac of the past use of the historical buildings as a hospital.
Beit Immanuel in Jaffa, the former home of Baron Ustinov, receives many Israeli and Christian tour groups to the Heritage Center. The beautiful garden and interesting displays entice many visitors to linger around the story of the Mission.
Enmeshed around the walls of the common room of the Guest House, Beit Bracha preserves the impact of the British Christians in the Galilee region. With a fantastic vista of the Kinneret, patrons and visitors can learn of the drama and involvement of CMJ in the north as the Jewish people return to the Land of Israel.
"Thus says the Lord, 'I will gather you from the peoples and assemble you from the countries among which you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel."
- Ezekial 11:17
Beit Immanuel
Beit Immanuel
Christ Church
Christ Church
Christ Church
Christ Church
Christ Church
Temple Mount model by Conrad Schick
Christ Church
Christ Church
Anglican School
Anglican School at the former English Mission Hospital
Beit Bracha
Beit Bracha
CMJ has many opportunities for volunteering in Israel. Please consider prayerfully joining us in the Holy Land for a season, to faithfully assist CMJ Israel continue her historic mandate. The Heritage Center is looking for dedicated Christians to serve with our local Jewish staff in Jerusalem.
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"Come follow Me, and I'll make you fishers of men"
- Jesus of Nazareth
Investing in the Spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people
The Heritage Centers preserve the story of a simple, yet controversial vision - to see Jewish people find their Messiah within their own homeland. This fascinating story is yet unfolding and has a future still to be played out. CMJ Israel seeks partners to participate with us in this important endeavour.
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"How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will the believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without someone preaching to them?"
- Romans 10:14