Partner Schools
Mekor Ha Tikvah
Educating Messianic Children
At Mekor HaTikvah School in Jerusalem, students are learning standard subjects such as mathematics, history and art—all taught in Hebrew.
They are also learning to love, honor and obey Yeshua in every aspect of their lives.  Mekor HaTikvah, which means “source of hope,” is a rapidly-growing Messianic primary and middle school, the only Messianic school in Jerusalem and one of only two in Israel. Both are supported by CMJ.
Founded in 1990 by parents desiring a school that could help raise children to be witnesses to the true Source of hope, Mekor HaTikvah serves learners from three to 13 years of age, offering classes from kindergarten through Grade 8.
Students—Jewish and Gentile—represent numerous nationalities, and more than a dozen language are spoken at the school.
The school occupies a two-story building where Christian writer Hannah Hurnard once lived.  Here, in an environment that seeks to impart a love of learning, children are taught by professionally-trained teachers, all of whom are believers. A low teacher/student ratio ensures individual attention and promotes high class participation.
The school follows the Israeli curriculum and children moving into Israeli schools enter at, or above, grade level. Additional religious education classes provide instruction in the Old and New Testaments.
Even as Mekor HaTikvah trains children in Jerusalem, its vision extends beyond the city. School officials are endeavoring to create an educational model that will give rise to Messianic schools throughout the land of Israel.
Please visit Mekor Hatikvah's website at Mekor HaTikvah or contact Colin Ross for more information.
"The joy in the faces of Israel’s children shine light on the future. God’s light, the light of the world, creates this joy and these faces."
- Jane Nichilo
Peniel Learning Center
A Light in Tiberias
The Peniel Learning Center is a Hebrew-speaking, messianic elementary school located in Tiberias, Israel. We provide children of local, believing families with an education honoring Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. The Learning Center is a ministry of the Peniel Messianic Congregation, and our goal is to aid families in raising up the next generation of the Body of Messiah in the land.
Founded in 1989, the Peniel Learning Center has had an average enrollment of 30 pupils per year in kindergarten through grade 6. Our pupils come from native Israeli families, immigrants and from families of long term expatriots living here in the land.
They have included speakers of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, and other languages. Our staff also includes people of various backgrounds.
Although we may be different, what unites us is our common faith in Yeshua and a desire to provide an education that places Him in the center. The Peniel Learning Center follows the Israeli Ministry of Education curriculum and makes adjustments according to our faith. We remove things that are contrary to our faith and add subjects such as Creation and the New Testament. Subjects include: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Mathematics, Literature, Geography, History, English, Science, Sports, Bible, Art and Music.
The Kindergarten is located in a privately owned building built in the 1930s in a quiet neighborhood near downtown Tiberias. The children’s day is filled with playtime, learning activities, worship and prayer. The school meets in rented space in the historic St. Andrews Church, located on the beautiful waterfront of Tiberias. When it was built in the 1880s, the building served as the first modern school of Tiberias. We feel privileged to be a part of restoring it to its original use and continuing the legacy of godly education started by its founders.
For additional information please contact Ben Mills.
"You shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up."
- Deuteronomy 6:7
Sunshine School
Ministering Love to Little Learners
The Sunshine School is an apt name for the Christian nursery school associated with CMJ.
It is a happy, inviting place covered in wall-to-wall artwork. It is also a loving place where the unconditional love of Christ is a guiding principle.
Founded in 1994 in the Arab village of Beit Hanina just north of Jerusalem, the school has educated hundreds of two- to six-year-olds.
The school serves local Jewish, Muslim and Arab Christian students, as well as children of expatriate Christian families from many nations. Together, these children learn in age-appropriate classes, and benefit from the school’s comprehensive preschool curriculum, structured schedule, high standard of education and emphasis on Christian values.
Teachers represent a number of ethnicities and religious backgrounds.
The Sunshine staff also provides expertise and support to other schools. When appointed teachers for a Christian preschool in Gaza were unable to enter that city, Sunshine personnel helped educate untrained local Arabs to work with the children.
At the invitation of Sunshine School, a representative from a neighboring Muslim school attended a staff training day.
&And when Sunshine’s director was invited to an end-of year celebration of a nearby religious Muslim kindergarten, she attended, and reciprocated by inviting its children to her school’s Easter drama. The children attended, with parental permission.
Such seasonal events also attract parents, providing opportunities for Christian witness.
The Sunshine School is a partner in CMJ’s educational ministry for the people of the Land.
For additional information please contact Marion Jadon.
"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness."
- 2 Timothy 3:16