Alexander College Programs

Named after Michael Solomon Alexander, a rabbi and Hebrew scholar who was the first Anglican bishop in Jerusalem, Alexander College is dedicated to the task of helping Christians come into a deeper understanding of the Biblical text so that we may become better disciples of Jesus the Messiah.  Using the Holy Land as our classroom and the Bible as our textbook, Alexander College helps participants dig deep into the soil of Israel and recover their Jewish roots through our tours  and sabbaticals.

Individual sabbaticals usually consist of 3-6 weeks of rich and varied study in Israel. The sabbatical participant's time is divided between supervised independent study/retreat, residence at Christ Church and other guest houses in Israel, and participation in Shoresh Study Tours.

Group sabbaticals
often take the form of an extended 3-4 week study tour. Participants are usually members of the same school, church, or denomination in a particular country who have come together to form a study group.

"Alexander College is a very powerful tool that gives the Church a means to go back to our Jewish roots. I recommend it for all clergy and others in Christian ministry."
- The Most Rev. Henry Orombi, former Archbishop of Uganda