Volunteering with CMJ in Israel
CMJ Israel provides volunteer opportunities for individuals and couples from 20 - 60 years of age. Please take some time to get to know our ministry by looking through our website. CMJ Israel has a strong commitment to this land and its people.  If you feel that God is calling you to serve in Israel with CMJ ministry (and not to any of the other wonderful ministries in Israel), then please download the following 6 Word documents:
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1 CMJ Israel Volunteer Information Sheet Download Download
2 CMJ ISRAEL Volunteer Application Form Download Download
3 Ministry of Religious Affairs Info Sheet Download Download
4 CMJ ISRAEL Christian Friend Reference Download Download
5 CMJ ISRAEL Employer Tutor Reference Download Download
6 CMJ ISRAEL Pastor Reference Download Download

The Volunteer Information Sheet gives detailed information regarding the process of becoming a volunteer and what you will experience as a volunteer with CMJ.  Please read this document very carefully and be sure to follow all the directions in it.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form and send it to the appropriate email address listed in the Information Sheet.  Please be prepared to submit your CV/Resume, the first page of your passport and an additional passport photo.

The next form is required by the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs in order for us to apply for your visa.  We are not able to continue with the process without this information.

The last 3 forms are reference forms.  Please give them to the appropriate people and ask them to return them to CMJ via the email listed on the reference.  The references are meant to be confidential so the referees should return them to CMJ directly and not give them to you.

Volunteering in Israel with CMJ is an incredible and rewarding experience.  We are praying with you that God will guide you into the right opportunity at the right time.  May the Lord richly bless you.